Get Digital
Digital marketing seminars by Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs

What you’ll learn and ROI

Imagine providing your boss, shareholders, loan officer – whomever – with hard, cold facts explaining not only where your marketing budget is going, but what exactly it’s coming back with.

In today’s marketing world – you can.

That’s if you’re marketing your brand online, of course. And doing such in a way that is smart and aligns with strong company goals and talks directly to the audience you need to be communicating with.

At Get Digital, smart spending is always top priority. After all, we’re business owners ourselves. We know that intelligent online marketing is a way to make that bottom line (or boss) really happy.

In addition to learning the value of smart online marketing, you’ll also walk away with:

  • Resources to make you a better web marketer
  • Know-how and insight into how it all ties together (social meets website meets SEO and beyond)
  • Instructions on how to write a strong digital plan and actually sell it into upper management
  • Tips on how to write and create and source killer content and why your brand’s online health is dependent upon it
  • Keys to opening new doors (and keeping them open) with a strong pay-per-click campaign
  • And much, much more
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