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Digital marketing seminars by Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs

October 2011 webinars

Steps to better content

We’ve all seen the icons. They’re everywhere. The Facebook F, the Twitter T, the RSS…well, you get the drift. With so many channels, how do you go about writing and managing everything and doing it all in a way that best makes sense for your brand? How do you go about writing stuff that your audience wants to read? Stuff that your audience anxiously awaits?

With solid, very solid content strategy, that’s how.

Join us in mid-October (two sessions available) as we walk you through a few steps to creating great content strategy. We’ll talk about the processes we use at Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs to determine how to move forward with bringing a brand to life online, creating content that works hard for all parties involved.

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