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Digital marketing seminars by Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs

November 2011 seminar

Get Digital Seminar - November 10, 2011

Learn, step by step, how to better market your brand online

This learning-intensive, step-by-step event will be held in the St. Louis area on November 10, 2011 at the Raymond E. Maritz Theater on the Martiz campus. The seminar will be moderated by Mitch Meyers – founder and former CEO of Zipatoni and pitchwoman behind America’s favorite party animal, Spuds McKenzie. And, there will be an all-star lineup of special guests (scroll down to learn more).

What you’ll go back to the office with

  • Resources to make you a better web marketer
  • Know-how and insight into how it all ties together (social meets website meets SEO and beyond)
  • Instructions on how to write a strong digital plan and actually sell it into upper management
  • Tips on how to write and create and source killer content and why your brand’s online health is dependent upon it
  • Keys to opening new doors (and keeping them open) with a strong pay-per-click campaign
  • Step-by-step demos on how YOU can measure results with website and social media analytics
  • An online subscription to the St. Louis Business Journal
  • And much, much more

Location info

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Day’s agenda (subject to change)

9am | Doors open

9:30ish | Welcome and introductions

9:35ish | Tell the complete story – the importance of the holistic piece

In this session, we’ll be focusing on the importance of the entire story. You’ve heard it before – “it all has to tie together!” But why? And more importantly, how? Well, we’ll help you work through this. In today’s marketing world, the numerous components, avenues and approaches can prove overwhelming.

9:45ish | Making the plan and managing up

Maybe you understand the importance of all this newfangled internet business, but, your boss, board of advisors, peers, loan officer, etc. – don’t. You need a way to sell it all in. We’ll help you with that. In this session, we’ll talk about why a strong online presence is vital to business success and how you can go about actually proving its worth.

10:10ish | PPC – The gateway drug and deadly assassin

Imagine going back to, say 1987, and telling your client you have a way that guarantees every cent they spend will hit 100% of their target market – an engaged target market at that. Well in today’s world, that’s possible with PPC (pay-per-click advertising). We’ll tell you how and why and show you what it takes to get a basic campaign up and running. And of course, lots more.

10:45ish | Much needed break

11:00ish | Killer content; or site, social and web plan will #fail!

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Perhaps the most important session of the entire seminar. Here’ we’ll be talking about making sure you have everything in place, cutting the crap, commitment, actually creating killer content and more.

11:45ish | Lunch on us

We’ll be honest. We’re not yet sure what we’ll be having. But we promise it’ll be good. We eat. A lot. Just check our Tweet streams.

12:45ish | Jen Cloud on the mic

Let’s hear how social media and online communication has literally changed her life.

1:10ish | Chris Reimer (@RizzoTees) considers a case study

This guy kicks ass online. Excited to hear what all he has to share.

1:45ish | Social media – creating a voice, getting accepted in a community, the art of conversation online

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – yep, we all know the channels. And at this point, have all probably accepted the fact that they’re important. But, how do we execute and implement in a way that makes sense? How do we open doors that were closed before? How do we become an influencer? How do we engage others in valuable conversation? This, Chris Reimer (@rizzotees) and more in this session.

2:10ish | Break

2:20ish | Brad Hogenmiller of @STLindex

2:45ish | If you answer, they will come

In this session, we’ll examine the secrets to short- and long-term online success. We’ll talk about brands that are #winning, what actually matters in SEO, how to gather facts and questions you need to answer, etcetera.

3:20ish | Measure, adjust and repeat

A very important, if not the most important, session of the day (yeah, we know we said that about content strategy too). In this section, we’ll talk about tools you can use, the importance of holding yourself accountable, adjusting, acronyms that aren’t just for MBA students and quite a bit more. You’ll walk away with tangibles that will make you look like the smartest one in the room at that Monday marketing meeting. And for fun, let’s see how we all stack up in the local, “St. Louis social” scene.

4:00ish | Q&A

4:30ish | Hot toddies and talking

Here’s some footage from Get Digital 1

Meet Mitch Meyers, moderator

Mitch Meyers - Moderator of Get Digital seminarMitch Meyers is the former CEO and founder of Zipatoni, where she retired in 2003. While at the helm of the St. Louis promotional powerhouse, she attracted clients such as Motorola, e-bay, Miller Brewing Company, Bacardi and Snapple. She helped grow the agency to a 350-person shop with annual billings exceeding $40 million and offices in five states. In 1987, she was named the AdWeek Woman of the Year. Today, she serves on the board of US Bank, the YMCA, Southern Illinois University Foundation and Edwardsville Arts Community. She’s also an active advisor for Gorilla 76.

Meet the presenters

Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs - Presenters at Get Digital seminarJon Franko and Joe Sullivan of Gorilla 76 and Derek Mabie of Evolve Digital Labs will be presenting Get Digital 2. This is their second Get Digital event. All three are the owners/founders of their respective agencies and have been working in the online world for several years now. Learn more about the team here.

Meet the guest speakers

Chris Reimer of Rizzo Tees - Guest speaker at Get DigitalChris Reimer (@rizzotees)

Chris Reimer is an award-winning social media strategist (yes, they do give out such awards), and brings a unique background to the world of social media. He is Vice President of Social Media at Falk Harrison, a design agency in St. Louis, MO that specializes in branding, design, communications and social media.

Jenn Cloud - Guest speaker at Get DigitalJenn Cloud (@youngfreestl)

Jenn Cloud is the “Young & Free St. Louis” spokesperson, serving as the voice of the 25-and-under crowd in the greater St. Louis area. In a former life, she was an account executive at BigWideSky and a brand ambassador at Jenn’s current role challenges her to blog, record and tweet her way through the next year, getting 18-25 year olds the information they need to stay financially young and free in St. Louis.

STL Index - - Guest speaker at Get DigitalSTL Index / Infuz

The same team that brought you STL Tweets is the same team that brings you STL Index – a free online service for scoring and ranking Twitter users based on their Tweeting influence within the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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