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Via AdSaint – “Digital Digital Get Down – Get Digital 2”

Thanks to Lindsey Herzog of Osborn & Barr for the great recap of our recent Get Digital marketing event. You can read the article in its entirety here. Overall, we considered the event to be a tremendous success. We’ve already started a thorough internal recap, investigating what worked and what needs to be tweaked. You can expect to hear news of our next event in the next several weeks. And please, if you have any feedback on the past event, please drop us a note. Honest opinions only please!

Thank you to all of you for the support. We were fortunate to have such a great, lively and inquisitive audience. Not to mention, such an impressive listing of attendees. There were some real power players in the audience.

And of course, to everyone that helped out, and to our amazing panel of guest speakers and moderator – we owe much of the success to you all. Thanks for all that you did.

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