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The Best of Get Digital (in Tweets)

Social media is useful for a myriad of reasons. One of my favorite features of Twitter, specifically, is the ability to follow conversations around a particular subject through the use of a hashtag. At Get Digital, we encouraged all of the attendees to follow and contribute to the #GetDigital conversation. As the audience shuffled into the theater, we began to see an exciting stream of communication, whether it involved sharing newfound insight with the rest of the world, networking with those present, or simply sharing feedback. That day was absolute chaos, but now that life has started to simmer, we’ve finally had a chance to browse the vast #GetDigital tweets and choose our favorites. Thank you to all who participated — and please continue to use this hashtag and if you haven’t already, give us a follow @getdigitalnow. It’s a great way to stay connected. Long live #GetDigital!


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