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Digital marketing seminars by Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs

Local marketing firms team up to help St. Louis businesses Get Digital

A one-day introduction to strong web marketing.

With the recent announcement of their next upcoming Get Digital seminar, St. Louis online marketing firms, Gorilla 76 and Evolve Digital Labs, continue in their mission to bring better digital marketing to the St. Louis area.

“We see it happening in cities all around us and especially on the coasts,” said Joe Sullivan, a partner at Gorilla 76. “If our region is going to grow, and our businesses are going to evolve and compete at a national level, it’s pertinent for marketing directors, owners, etcetera to learn the nuances of communicating better online.”

This event, which will be held on November 10th at the Raymond E. Martiz Theater, is promised to have a heavy focus on strong online marketing execution, opposed to simply the philosophy behind it. According to, attendees will return to their office with a list of takeaways including resources to make them better web marketers, instructions on how to write a strong digital plan and basics of great content.

“At our last event, our focus was almost solely on the philosophy behind good online marketing,” said Derek Mabie, president and owner of Evolve Digital Labs. “This time, we’re talking execution. If you don’t leave with a tight plan in place, one that you can implement the next day, you aren’t paying attention. I’m that confident with our presentation.”

Gorilla 76 partner Jon Franko will be presenting alongside Mabie and Sullivan at the day-long, learning-intensive event. The seminar will be moderated by Mitch Meyers, founder and former CEO of Zipatoni and pitchwoman behind America’s favorite party animal, Spuds McKenzie. Special guests are slated to make appearances throughout the day.

Early bird tickets ($299) are available until October 20. Tickets from October 21 on will likely be priced at $379. Group discounts are available. Participants are promised to leave with a variety of takeaways, including a one-year online subscription to the St. Louis Business Journal.

  • Good thing that other businesses in Missouri helped St Louis businesse to the next level being digitized. Do you mind about expansion after execution of digital labs?


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