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Get Digital Video: Derek Mabie on Making the Plan

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four months since Get Digital 2 in November. As you’ll recall, Evolve Digital Labs and Gorilla 76 teamed up to produce the second ever Get Digital seminar in St. Louis, MO. Derek, the first presenter, emphasized how crucial it is to designate a manageable starting point. It’s not difficult to get overwhelmed by the number of digital mediums available. The standards – Twitter, Facebook, and the company blog – are not always easy to control. Not all at once. Additionally, it seems that more and more social media sites, applications, and tools are becoming relevant – such as Google+, foursquare, and Pinterest. How is a brand supposed to handle this much work? It’s time consuming and exhausting.

Derek made it clear in his presentation that you should start with what you can manage. What is the goal of your digital engagement? To increase sales in a particular service or product? To get more traffic to your website? Start with one channel that you are comfortable controlling. If it’s a blog, focus on generating consistent posts. If your strength is Twitter, condense all social activity to that one platform. Continue with this strategy until you are comfortable with the routine and capable of reaching the set goals.

Additionally, if creating content online isn’t easy or natural for you, find the members of your brand who excel at it. Derek mentioned that nearly 50% of young adults between the ages of 18-24 are actively producing content online already. If there are members of your team who fit into this demographic and possess this valuable skill, why not utilize their experience for your brand? Content, after all, is absolutely essential. If you don’t have any, you’re not engaging anyone.

In order to make sure the social involvement is not just a hit-or-miss time suck, but a wise investment, you must first create a tactical plan. Using the same “one-channel” mindset, start with simple weekly content plans that focus on one area. Otherwise; there are too many social platforms competing for attention and success will not happen. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth: brands should opt for baby steps before diving headfirst into social engagement.

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The Best of Get Digital (in Tweets)

Social media is useful for a myriad of reasons. One of my favorite features of Twitter, specifically, is the ability to follow conversations around a particular subject through the use of a hashtag. At Get Digital, we encouraged all of the attendees to follow and contribute to the #GetDigital conversation. As the audience shuffled into the theater, we began to see an exciting stream of communication, whether it involved sharing newfound insight with the rest of the world, networking with those present, or simply sharing feedback. That day was absolute chaos, but now that life has started to simmer, we’ve finally had a chance to browse the vast #GetDigital tweets and choose our favorites. Thank you to all who participated — and please continue to use this hashtag and if you haven’t already, give us a follow @getdigitalnow. It’s a great way to stay connected. Long live #GetDigital!


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How to find your brand’s online voice

You can type, but that doesn’t mean you can write effectively online. If design programs were as easy to learn as Microsoft Word, every Tom, Dick and Harry would think they could design. But anyone with half a brain (especially those blessed with the right half) will tell you that effective writing (and design) is […]

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The untold secrets to more followers on Twitter

Be interesting, publish good content and use hashtags with care.

That’s it.

No magic formulas. No following strategies. Just be interesting, publish good content and use hashtags with care. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. But this plan of attack will provide in a very engaged, very solid follower base.

Here’s to a short, but successful Friday. I’m spent after a night of working on the presentation for next week. So pumped to present this thing.

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Brad Hogenmiller on winning friends and influencing people

11/02/11 by Brad Hogenmiller of STL Index and Infuz.

Brad HogenmillerHave you ever bought a product because your neighbor was talking about it? How about a restaurant? Ever look something up online because you overheard a stranger raving about it? How often are the things we do and the places we do them influenced by others? We make decisions based on our relationships. We choose our actions because of our connections. We build our lives through our influences.

For both marketers and consumers, influence is everywhere. In the connected world we live in, influence is always at our door. If we can understand what creates influence, can we harness it? Can we measure it? In the online world, can we determine our actions by the actions of our networks?

STL Index is a step forward in analyzing digital influence at a local level. For years we’ve monitored the social patterns behind the users of Twitter in St. Louis. Through observation of over 800,000 twitter users, we’re able to provide a snapshot of your online world and allow you to share what we’ve learned with others. STL Index is not a popularity contest. It is not a measure of volume. It’s simply an exploration of Twitter influence within the metro area.

Join us at Get Digital as we explore the roots of STL Index and why it matters to consumers and digital marketers alike.

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