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Get Digital Video: Derek on PPC

We’ve spent some time  revisiting last year’s Get Digital seminar, focusing on the individual presentations. Derek concluded the day with a solid overview of PPC – that’s pay-per-click for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term.

The process by which Google sorts through the different web pages to find solutions to queries is complicated. We don’t even exactly know how it works – but we’re familiar enough with it to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach PPC. In order to not get ripped off and completely frustrated, you’ll have to understand how AdWords works. Google is a business, and businesses want your money. If you want to use Google AdWords successfully, you have to actually know what you’re getting into. Business owners who start up a campaign in AdWords typically move forward with Google’s pre-defined settings. But is that necessarily what’s best for them? For example, Derek mentioned that Google might suggest you allow your ads to be shown on mobile devices. Sounds great, right? More spread, larger audience. But what do you think the chance is of someone converting if you don’t even have a mobile-version of your site?

Non-believers of PPC haven’t succeeded in the search engine marketing realm. If you can grasp what it takes to harness the available resources and develop a holistic plan, then you will increase your ROI. Paid search grants brands the unique opportunity to reach users that are already interested – and even actively seeking a solution.

See Derek in action below.

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How to set up goal conversion tracking in Google Analytics

How do you tie return on investment to your website? Well, you can start here. This six-minute video by Joe Sullivan of digital marketing firm Gorilla 76 walks you through the process of setting up goal conversion tracking in Google Analytics. This tutorial was one of a few instructional videos shown at the November 10, 2011 Get Digital seminar in St. Louis. Stay posted for upcoming seminar dates.

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