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Get Digital Video: Derek on PPC

We’ve spent some time  revisiting last year’s Get Digital seminar, focusing on the individual presentations. Derek concluded the day with a solid overview of PPC – that’s pay-per-click for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term.

The process by which Google sorts through the different web pages to find solutions to queries is complicated. We don’t even exactly know how it works – but we’re familiar enough with it to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach PPC. In order to not get ripped off and completely frustrated, you’ll have to understand how AdWords works. Google is a business, and businesses want your money. If you want to use Google AdWords successfully, you have to actually know what you’re getting into. Business owners who start up a campaign in AdWords typically move forward with Google’s pre-defined settings. But is that necessarily what’s best for them? For example, Derek mentioned that Google might suggest you allow your ads to be shown on mobile devices. Sounds great, right? More spread, larger audience. But what do you think the chance is of someone converting if you don’t even have a mobile-version of your site?

Non-believers of PPC haven’t succeeded in the search engine marketing realm. If you can grasp what it takes to harness the available resources and develop a holistic plan, then you will increase your ROI. Paid search grants brands the unique opportunity to reach users that are already interested – and even actively seeking a solution.

See Derek in action below.

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Get Digital Video: Derek on SEO

Earlier we published a video summary of Derek’s “Making the Plan” presentation at Get Digital. This post is a continuation of that recap. Following a Q&A session, Derek started his Search segment by explaining the difference between “black hat” and “white hat” SEO techniques. It’s pretty simple: “black hat” SEO is quick, easy, and short-lived. “White hat” tactics, however, take more time and effort – but they naturally result in lingering success. The former is the easier way out, which is why many SEO “experts” convince their clients to participate in the act of purchasing links, rather than making an effort to rank organically over time. But does that method actually work?

Optimization is about connectivity. A surefire way to reap benefits that will actually last is to do something on your consumers’ behalf, such as creating stellar content. What kind of benefits are we talking about? ROI. Huge ROI. By creating content and building activity, your site and brand will grow in awareness, drawing in a greater portion of potential customers. Derek compared how Google views websites to an airplane terminal map. The larger terminals are the ones that have the most activity because they have the most connectivity. Websites are measured exactly the same. When you create awesome content, people will naturally link to your site, revealing to Google your level of influence.

Where can you start when creating awesome content? Start with keywords, which are essentially the power tools of your website. They connect you with your consumer. Even if you’re not ranking well for every keyword on your list, you can still focus on the few that you are ranking for and aim to refine your success.  However, be sure to remember that content should be created solely for the consumer. They’re the ones who will be digesting it, after all.

Below is a video recap of Derek’s Search Engine Optimization presentation.

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Get Digital Video: Derek Mabie on Making the Plan

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four months since Get Digital 2 in November. As you’ll recall, Evolve Digital Labs and Gorilla 76 teamed up to produce the second ever Get Digital seminar in St. Louis, MO. Derek, the first presenter, emphasized how crucial it is to designate a manageable starting point. It’s not difficult to get overwhelmed by the number of digital mediums available. The standards – Twitter, Facebook, and the company blog – are not always easy to control. Not all at once. Additionally, it seems that more and more social media sites, applications, and tools are becoming relevant – such as Google+, foursquare, and Pinterest. How is a brand supposed to handle this much work? It’s time consuming and exhausting.

Derek made it clear in his presentation that you should start with what you can manage. What is the goal of your digital engagement? To increase sales in a particular service or product? To get more traffic to your website? Start with one channel that you are comfortable controlling. If it’s a blog, focus on generating consistent posts. If your strength is Twitter, condense all social activity to that one platform. Continue with this strategy until you are comfortable with the routine and capable of reaching the set goals.

Additionally, if creating content online isn’t easy or natural for you, find the members of your brand who excel at it. Derek mentioned that nearly 50% of young adults between the ages of 18-24 are actively producing content online already. If there are members of your team who fit into this demographic and possess this valuable skill, why not utilize their experience for your brand? Content, after all, is absolutely essential. If you don’t have any, you’re not engaging anyone.

In order to make sure the social involvement is not just a hit-or-miss time suck, but a wise investment, you must first create a tactical plan. Using the same “one-channel” mindset, start with simple weekly content plans that focus on one area. Otherwise; there are too many social platforms competing for attention and success will not happen. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth: brands should opt for baby steps before diving headfirst into social engagement.

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How to find your brand’s online voice

You can type, but that doesn’t mean you can write effectively online. If design programs were as easy to learn as Microsoft Word, every Tom, Dick and Harry would think they could design. But anyone with half a brain (especially those blessed with the right half) will tell you that effective writing (and design) is […]

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The untold secrets to more followers on Twitter

Be interesting, publish good content and use hashtags with care.

That’s it.

No magic formulas. No following strategies. Just be interesting, publish good content and use hashtags with care. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. But this plan of attack will provide in a very engaged, very solid follower base.

Here’s to a short, but successful Friday. I’m spent after a night of working on the presentation for next week. So pumped to present this thing.

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